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Obtaining a “Kick Out” Order During a Divorce

Ventura County has one of the highest rates of reported domestic violence in California. Dealing with divorce or child custody issues often leads to stress and pain for everyone involved. There are many spouses who enter into a marriage without realizing their partner’s violent tendencies. California allows spouses to petition a court for protective orders […]

Premarital Agreements: Solving the Planning Issues Without the “D” Word

When a couple is planning to marry, either or both may be urged by friends, family and/or a financial advisor to consult an attorney to prepare a Premarital Agreement (also known as a Prenuptial Agreement). Many hopeful brides and grooms immediately reject the idea of a Premarital Agreement. The couple recoil from even thinking about potential […]

Adult Child Support Awards

The issue of child support can often become one of the most disputed issues of any divorce, paternity or other family law case. Often times, it is a misconception for parents to believe that their obligation to pay child support will automatically end when their child reaches the age of eighteen. One situation where child […]

Carolyn Diacos Qualified to Act as Minor’s Counsel

Carolyn Diacos understands how difficult divorce can be for every family member, especially children. Ending a marriage is hardly ever an easy process. When issues such as child support or child custody come into question, it is not uncommon for children to be thrust in the middle of an argument between parents. This can emotionally […]

Trails for the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation

Carolyn Diacos is training for the trail marathon, “Red Rock,” in an effort to raise money for the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation. The 26.2 mile trail run occurs on November 25, 2017. The mission of the National Disaster Search Dog Foundation is to strengthen disaster response in America by recruiting rescued dogs and partnering […]